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Anyway enough with the links… I am Josh Hina or RisaXSeph on anime communities, Commander Tom (A joke on my middle name) on some game communities or Ari Chirison in the Face of Mankind Community. I use to own and operate DIMS as the sole Member of the LLC (In Oregon law that means I am the sole owner). I also use to manage IGA. I like interacting with and ensuring customers and communities to ensure get the service they deserve. I am a college student studying community health at Portland State University in Oregon. I like anime, Japanese pop, alternative music, role playing, writing and having a chat about philosophical things. I play on and manage Minecraft servers tech-side I also help out overseeing communities online at places like Narutospot. I like to play certain MMOs and FPS games (Currently playing PSO2). Outside of internet stuff I like photography, old TV shows, table-top role playing and very rarely playing my PlayStation 3 (I still have not finished Persona 3)… Even more rarely I go swimming; water is pretty cool… I also like random conversations… I am becoming more active in student politics and lobbying. It is my hope to one day effect public policy related to some major problems facing real world communities (homelessness, social services and so forth). I tend to come off as a hard-ass and pompous sometimes but I really am a pretty chill guy; I just take rules seriously is all I also don’t take being threatened very well or any attempts at trying to overtake things I manage (My parents think I have control issues… I am going into to much detail about myself) … After all no one enjoys falling into a pit of acid for not paying attention to “WARNING: Steep Dropoff” signs; GG bro; you’ve successfully been done in! My online username on anime communities came from two characters in one of my RPs (Risa Ward and Persephone Branchwood); they were suppose to become a couple but it never happened cause the story died. For those that wonder what my display pic is on the forums and chatango; it’s Zuikaku from Kalcolle. It use to be Totori Helmold and Rorona Frixell from the JRPG Atelier Totori. Previously it was Estelle Bright from the Trials in the Sky games, before that it was Yukino Yukinoshita from the light novel and anime series My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU and in the past it was Eru Chitanda from the anime Hyouka. I use to use an old picture I had; a picture of Shana from Shakugan No Shana S. Now for a bunch of quotes…

“You have to do what you enjoy; if you do not do something you enjoy then you are only sustaining yourself and not really living.” – I forgot who said this
“Cheer up, life is too short to be sad all the time.” – Misuki Raion, The TNU Project
“So you only care if I live for your own self preservation…” – Yukari Ashlon (CG: FFT, CO AAS Justice)
“A name is only as important as the person it describes… so when someone asks for your name you know your important.” – Hoshi Ki-Kari; Kiru-Acu: Blissful Shadows
“Is this a commercial or do ads just stalk you here…?” – Yuka Layton; TNU Project
“Do you like practice this shit in the morning in front of the mirror knowing that you’re just gonna make a complete fool of yourself in front of everyone and just look like a complete idiot?”[/i] – Ari Mizriki; TNU Project
“The more I see the more war just seems pointless to me…” – Yuka Layton; TNU Project (To Aidan Thornton)
“[Their] ambition is to stop war… As if that will ever happen… The four of them are naive to think that is possible.” Lumi Trouve; TNU Project (To Aidan Thornton about Yuka and others attempts to stop war)
“He’s British” “No, hes Californian” “Oh, so hes just retarded”
“Naruto memes aren’t memes they are just retarded pictures with captions”