This page lists projects that are part of The Risa Project in one manner or another or supported by it in some way. We cooperate with TNU, IGA, Bright Shadow S and a few small communities of friends to create ideas, cool concepts and things that will bring good to people’s lives. I say we because even though this site is primarily mine this whole thing is a community concept… Without people this would not be here… Anyway on to the list…


Admins: Hawk/Taka and atsumari
A group that plays games together and hosts streams as well as servers including ATLAS, Empyrion, Project Zomboid, Pixelmon and more.


The New Universes Project
Admins: atsumari and Tugar
A play-by-post role-playing foundation that works to make simming and role-playing accessible to everyone while running fun role-playing games itself.
Hosted Projects

Bright Shadow S
Admin: Shana (We only host the BSS website)
Madness Minecraft
The Madness Minecraft Community is a longstanding Minecraft server network that exists to allow the community to play Minecraft together. Due to limited use, it is only maintained and put up when people here want to play Minecraft.
A private invite-only screenshot hosting server. For access, please contact atsumari.
Ari-Chan Bot
A publicly accessible Nadeko bot branch, which we host for community use. To get the bot access to your server message her with =>help. If you need support, you can reach out to staff in the #support channel on the TNU Discord.