This is the game server information page. For information about the servers please use this page. We currently offer a Minecraft Server and a Contagion Server. If you need help operators are on to help you at times. Below is the rules, server status; if you need to contact us for any reason please use the contact page.

Our current server rules:
Rule 1: Respect everyone at all times.
Rule 2: Do not grief or steal.
Rule 3: No client side hacks or cheats.
Rule 4: No rude, racist, sexist or otherwise obscene structures
Rule 5: Listen to the staff.
Rule 6: No excessive language; kids do play here (basically occasional cussing is okay to a n extent; if you think it is too far though it probably is (I.E. if you have to ask its too far.)
Rule 7: Do not ask staff for items, god and so forth
Rule 8: Have fun at all times!
Rule 9: Staff are not responsible for server errors. If something is stolen or a glitch causes your items to disappear notify staff; we will investigate the issue and MAY replace items from a VERIFIED bug. DO NOT ASK FOR ITEMS TO BE REPLACED; IF WE ARE GOING TO REPLACE IT WE WILL ASK YOU!
Rule 10: Do not advertise other servers here.
Rule 11: Please; fur the love of God; CUT DOWN TREES FULLY! (Minecraft)

Minecract Hostname:

The Contagion server is ONLY accessible to current community members please ask in a community Skype group for additional information or ask on the TeamSpeak.