Welcome to my page of poems. I did promise you guys I would write you more poems when I have the time. I also asked if I could do that as my final creative project for a class I have about success in college at Uni; so I figured since I am writing more I might as well make a page for the poems… They are not the greatest but I feel that they might be useful to someone and enjoyed writing t hem… Each poem has a short blurb explaining why I wrote it after the poem. Anywho thanks for visiting this page and I hope you enjoy my writing.


Path to Motivation

My path is filled with bumps
My path is filled with jumps
My path is filled with determination
This is a path of joy

My path may be filled with hardship
My path may be filled with rejection
My path may be filled with success
My path is my motivation becuase no one else can walk this path

My path is going to help others
My path is unique
My path is my path
My path is a path to motivation

This poem is about motivation; I mention in the first stanza about problems or “bumps” that we may have in our lives and how we might have to “jump” over life’s obstacles. We should never lot those obstacles get in our way; we should be determined and feel joy in overcoming these… Seek motivation from our own problems wither that be failing a paper, missing a bill payment or if we hit a roadblock on an application for something. Find the motivation to keep going through all this; something good will be waiting at the end… Never let detours stop  you… Keep at it and success will surely come. Lastly I touch in how every path and person is unique… Everyone has their own story, their own specialty and things they enjoy… Every moment should be motivating because it is a new experience.

Becoming Self-Aware


Is it time yet for this class to end?
Is this assignment almost done?
Is it about time to go home?

It is time to see within yourself, become self aware
It is time to see what your future holds, become understanding of your goals
It is time to be a success, become all you can be

Becoming self-aware, it is about your future
Becoming self-aware, it is about you
Become self-aware, it is YOU

So with this poem I used the first stanza to show things outside of  yourself that we think about and that often runs though our minds. Often I notice that we are so intent on the outside that we never look in. Realizing this and understanding that you have a part in  your own life is definitely key to success in life and in our education.

Past Poems

I feel like a Number/People

These are two poems I wrote after having a bad night a few months ago. What had happened that night brought me to tears and I felt like I was going to explode so I called for help and the person I talked to suggested writing; so I sat down and decided “I am going to do this” and wrote two poems.