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Hey all,

So yeah I closed down the forum after noticing it was never used then I really thought about it and considered that the only one who really ever posted was me (aside from the occasional few support questions or fooling around). Last night I capitalized on that though and made up the idea of doing a blog. I added Disqus so that way you guys can still comment on my posts and mess around if you want to (since Disqus also works as a automatically refreshing chat in a way.). I will be adding a link to my old forum once I move all the Risa ProBoard forum stuff to it and get it all nice and happy. You guys won’t be able to use it but it will be there as a read only archive. If you want to talk or do stuff use this blog and Disqus… I will post blog posts when I find something interesting, something happens with the project or when things happen on the server. I am also working on bringing in a new Community Manager to help with this site. If you have any ideas of someone who can help please let me know by emailing me.

Thanks guys!