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Hi again,

I said I would only post once tonight but after thinking about it I thought I might post another post or you know… Post whenever I feel like it. After all I did sort of just pull this blog out of my ass in an attempt to fill time; it is an archive of old work o fmine and others so why not update it whenever I have the change. I added the ProBoards Forum as a link on the menu too. Anyway on to my post.

A week and a half ago I felt sort of depressed so I called an on call counselor. They told me to write how I felt so I thought of writing poems. I do not think they are very good but I figured I would post them anyway.

Sometimes I feel like a  number
Like I lack wonder
Sometimes I think no one wonders
Like I am just a number
A number that lacks wonder
A number that is without one
Sometimes I feel like a number

The above poem came from that I feel like the world just considers us all numbers and only helps us because of some twisted societal obligation to do so not because they genuinely care. Kind of depressing but the idea does have merit; with ow many people there are in the world most social service jobs end of having clients run together because you hear everything.

People here; people there; people everywhere
People are numbers; but are they?
Is a person a number; do they matter?
People walk around; acting like numbers
No care, no worry just acting like numbers
Does one not need zero… The people don’t understand
Are they really just a number… Is a person… just a number
They care, they worry… So are they a number…

More on feeling like we are just numbers. Only in this one I pose the idea that are we not individuals, do we not need support, need someone else. This idea is less depressing than the last. These are the only two I have written so far but who knows in the future I may write more.

On a final note I wanted to make sure I introduced our new mod for Disqus ABN. He comes from NarutoSpot; for those that actually know what I do online I am one of the senior mods over there and I do community management; I asked if he would help and he agreed so he will be around to moderate things and to also give you guys some neat stuff to talk about… After all my goal here is and has always been to make an active, fun and safe community for you all to just come when you want to play a game, chat or read about interesting stuff (like in the past with my RPs.) Anyway that is all for now…