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Considering that I have finally reached the same road of annoyance I had when I closed PimpAnime the first time I really want to make a few things clear even though I am certain no one reads this blog and my saying anything will just be dismissed as rage. Okay; time for bullet points…

  • The things I ask for are rather simple and I don’t understand how there is no follow-through. For those who have no memory or just dont pay attention I am going to make my expectations clear.
  • If  you want nothing to do with me as a person/friend and you just want magical service to go VROOM VROOM; pay me. (Not really but seriously… if   you guys are part of the community ACT LIKE IT)
  • If you actually are here to be a FRIEND and be actively involved in my online projects  then ACTUALLY BE INVOLVED… BE PART OF THE COMMUNITY; POST, SOCIALIZE, TALK TO ME ON SKYPE and maybe if  you want to try RP with me; I don’t care if you have no imagination… Someone to write with is better than writing alone.
  • If your only purpose here is to play Minecraft period then please kindly move on… I created this as a COMMUNITY for people to be ACTIVELY involved in its stuff; that means more than just no lifing the MC server.
  • I spend around 130 dollars a month to keep all of this going; I believe my expectations of actually making friends and expecting people to do shit with me is not an unreasonable request… After all if     you think it is I invite you to please go find someone like Kevin, buy a dedicated box, set it up, keep in running and pay its monthly bills then buy an IP.Board and a backup email system for support then find people who just use your service without giving you anything and see how it feels… I guarantee you will agree with me after   years of being pushed around b rage-fisty entitled folks.

Now I will move on to the finances… Also yes I am being a dick… After all expecting something to do after a day of classes and work is unreasonable isn’t it…

Collocated Server – 85 monthly
Google Apps – 10 monthly (For support, emails and record keeping in case the server goes down)
IP. Board License – 50 every six months
Domain Renewal – 10 yearly
Video Recording Software – 20 every so often (To record the few Youtube videos I do; recently though this has not happened)

So looking at that I spend about 110 – 120 a month if  you break it all down… Isn’t it only reasonable for me to expect something for my investment after all I basically spend my entire leisure fund on keeping this going and only have two paying customers which amount for maybe 250-ish a year. Though I have said all of this before so I do not really expect anything other than rage but whatever… At least I said what I needed to say.