Update – 3/22/14

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Since I only occasionally update the blog with useful stuff and making YouTube videos is basically pointless for the number of people we have in the community I figured I would do those update posts I use to do for the DIMS Blog. I will try to do one weekly.

General Project Updates
– Melody has been inactive when it comes to helping manage things so I have brought in Valerie (Lathelian on Madness) to help me keep things running and organized.
– For a class I had they had me write some poems; I have added them to the writing page.
– I have made some minor upgrades to the forums and whatnot.
– I may start an LP series on YouTube with Valerie if time permits and people will actually watch it.
MadnessMC Updates
– Global region removed; replaced with CoreProtect… Griefers beware!
– We hit 8 people max online again. I reset the slots since we would never reach 15 down to 10 but if we start hitting 8 – 10 on a regular basis I will up the slots again.
– Due to inactivity Soda has been removed; replaced with Sceptile.
– Pat is still in charge of security. Do not let him not having OP fool you; he can stomp griefers, PVPers ect.
– Since we now have a shortage of active admins I would like to welcome Wolf back to the team. It is a hope that he will bring order and stability.
– Last weekend’s events did not happen because of a lack of attendance.
– The WHM server was having some log in problems. Those have been resolved.
– The VPS management panel has been off due to its bill not being paid on time. This has been resolved. For more about bills please see the following blog post.
– Applications for hosting will be opened again soon if anyone is interested.

I hope that this post gives you some information about what has happened over the past twoish weeks. This week is spring break but I will be around as normal to help out; same with everyone else on staff. We don’t take breaks except like Christmas.

Hope you enjoy!