Weekly Update – Apr. 7 2014

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Hey all,

On this week’s blog update I just have a few things to cover; before
like a few days ago absolutely nothing was going on but a lot has
happened over the past two days so here goes. In my usual style I am
going to do a list because things are easier that way.

– There was a lot of griefing a few nights ago. If you have been
griefed please notify an admin so we can use CoreProtect to restore
your buildings. If you were killed and the items on you taken please
contact me; I have a few chests full of items that were taken of which
I have recovered.
– Due to this recent griefing I have removed new player’s ability to
build. All new players must ask a Guard or Admin to be able to play.
– I have given Guards the ability to ban, add users to a usergroup and
to mute people. Please follow the rules; not knowing them is not an
excuse for not following them so I have posted them in spawn for
everyone to see.
– I have added Trips back to staff as a Guard and I would like to
welcome _XDXDXDXD_ as a new Guard. The guards will be taken on the
role of Moderator since we have no mods. Enjoy being staff guards!
– Last but not least Josh T (Slaydemons) has come back as my shadow.
Listen to him when I am not here; after all you would not want me to
destroy your mind with ragefist now would you!?

Enjoy derp folks…