Welcome to Hell!

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Hi everyone!

Welcome to 2015! With this new year I have decided to use the blog portion of this site again. As I use to just throw random ideas and continuous whining at people I figure opening this back up to put useful information on here might be in the best interest of folks involved. For those that notice; I did in fact basically close DIMS again… It will still exist for maintaining the hosting side of what I do here and reselling some things but other than that its pretty much gone. As for BLS; the TS is all that is left for it. I will be moving the forums to this server when I get around to it as an archive once again. Last but not least many people have been asking about the Minecrat server. I closed it becuase Bukkit is gone; if Bukkit ever is actually developed again I plan to continue it in some capacity. My next post will be some kind of useful article. Until the; enjoy my rants of old.