This is a Wonderful Day!

The Risa Project Website

Greetings everyone,

Many new things have arrived; like my ability to write a much more crap due to my having a blog editor program. In a weekend and over the last month many things have happened to make this community a thing again; like me getting a new dedicated server, setting up a VM Node, hosting my bots and getting the ability to host my own games. In short happiness and free :pattu: emojis for everyone. This might even allow me to start publishing some remi stuff as side stories or some samples of the TNU VN scripting. This is amazing. I do hope that you will join me in my posts and that those who were part of the community in the past will join us. MMC is still a thing and for nostalgia factor we are bringing it back. Love the IGA’s and now my personal techie Hyde (Marie) on Discord for making all this happen… Much :pattu:’s for him!!!!