Update – 3/22/14

Hi, Since I only occasionally update the blog with useful stuff and making YouTube videos is basically pointless for the number of people we have in the community I figured I would do those update posts I use to do for the DIMS Blog. I will try to do one weekly. General Project Updates – […]

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My Writing and RPs

Hey, So I just wanted to take a quick minute to let everyone know that I might archive my writing on a page here so people can read it in its unedited form (the writing that led to a lot of my RPs). I also plan to make the RPs; yes even the ones of […]

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Lots of New Stuff

Hey, Sorry for not posting as often as I would like. I have added a few things and changed things around though. Since a lot of the things that have been happening (if not all) on Disqus have been purely support matters I have made a ticket system for people to use so Disqus can […]

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